M-INTRO: Trying to Understand Praxis

Hans Ehrbar ehrbar at SPAMecon.utah.edu
Mon Jun 19 23:10:20 MDT 2000

One of the larger lists in marxism space is marxism-intro.
It has over 200 s*bscr*bers.  It is still hosted by the
spoon collective.  It is usually silent except when I teach
my email class about Marx's Capital (the next one is going
to begin in September.)  The participants at marxism-intro
want to have a discussion.  Pseudonym GALEN asked a question
which I was unable to answer.  It is not exactly intro, but
it might be a good start of a discussion.  I am appending
his question below.  If you know an answer, please come over
to marxism intro, i.e., send the message

subscribe marxism-intro

to majordomo at lists.village.virginia.edu

and get involved.  This list is an excellent opportunity to
share some marxist thinking with interested newcomers.

Hans Ehrbar.

Here is GALEN's question about praxis:

Hello all,

I have been thinking and reading about Marxism(s) lately.
Some concepts I get right away, but other concepts take time
to understand.  At this point I have some questions about a
topic that seems deceptively simple, praxis.  Perhaps some
of you could help me.  First, I am wondering what praxis is
according to Marx (and where is the discussion located)?
Why was it important to him?  Was it immediately related to
revolution?  I am also wondering how the notion of praxis
has changed since Marx?  That is, are there different kinds
of Marxist praxis and what brought about any changes in the
concept? And finally, how does praxis relate to the here and
now?  For example, are teaching, reading, or theorizing
praxis?  Or when does action become praxis?



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