The future-blind v. the realists

Mark Jones jones118 at
Tue Jun 20 09:09:58 MDT 2000

Carrol wrote:
> Neither you nor Lou has made the tiniest gesture towards working out
> how this makes the least practical difference in the work of the socialist
> movement.

Carrol, the movement has been mostly downhill since 1848. What we need is
not alarums and excursions intermediated with yet more discussions about
waterfalls and the value of Nike, but the construction of a class-for-itself
and that can only happen when the working class achieves collective
recognition that (a) a fatal problem exists and (b) only it has the
solution. The only periods/spaces when it hasn't all been downhill were when
the movement was dominated by ideas/people (Lenin, Mao, Fidel...) who went
on to dominate to some degree the historical process, and did so in the name
of a class and in the expectation of solving one or another life-and-death

The existence of a life-and-death dilemma in the heartland of capitalism, ie
the USA, is a new and unprecedented situation, ie a situation of both unique
danger and unique opportunity.

Seize it. Get with the programme.

Mark Jones

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