Fw: Lukacs

Mark Jones jones118 at SPAMlineone.net
Tue Jun 20 09:10:47 MDT 2000

I was merely (and wrongly) being flip. Sorry.

Mark Jones

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> Nestor wrote:
> En relación a Fw: Lukacs,
> el 19 Jun 00, a las 10:03, Russell Grinker dijo:
> >This is interesting news, thank you Russell. Do you think the
> book could be
> purchased via Internet? Zizek's contribution may be shit (don't know, have
> read little from him, but his relation with Revolution must certainly be
> opposite to that of Lukacs).
> I assume it can be obtained via the internet. I can't vouch for
> Zizek either
> I'm afraid - I've never read his stuff - but History & Class Consciousness
> is certainly a key work of 20th Century Marxism and the "new" Lukacs thing
> should be interesting.
> >Those who forced Lukacs to hide his work or to defend it in Aesopic
> language were among the main culprits for the delay and eventual non-
> fulfillement of those dreams.
> >I honestly disagree with Mark Jones's comment to this important piece of
> news by Russell.
> I assume also that Mark was not offering a critique of Lukacs but
> rather of
> James Heartfield's review (although his critique merely amounted to a
> flippant comment).  Or was he?
> Russell

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