Protests to save Shaka Sankofa

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Tue Jun 20 11:03:13 MDT 2000


Demonstrations were held around the country Monday to protest against
the impending execution of Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham) in Texas.  Shaka
is scheduled to die Thursday, unless Gov. George W. Bush intervenes.
Shaka’s supporters are demanding a new trial, which they say will prove
he did not commit the crime for which he has been on death row for many
years.  Here is a report of the New York protest, and a note about
another action in California, supplied by the International Action
Center, which organized the demonstrations.

Jack A. Smith, Highland, NY

About 1000 militant demonstrators protested at the National Bush for
President HQ at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York Monday June 19
demanding, “Stop the execution of Shaka Sankofa.”  The crowd was
multi-national, very militant, with many youth.

The demonstrators marched across 42nd Street where they got a positive
response from many people who knew about Shaka Sankofa’s case.
The group then marched to the State Republican HQ, chanting all the
way.  When police tried to stop protesters from going near the building
at 40th St. and Lexington Ave., first 20 and then all of the
demonstrators pushed through and set up a large picket line in front of
the building.

Six protesters were arrested for alleged trespassing.  Fifty people
marched over to the 17th precinct where they were being held.  They are
expected to be in court Tuesday.


Two hundred protested outside a $1,000 a plate Bush fundraiser in Palo
Alto, Calif., Monday night to “demand a new trial for Shaka Sankofa” and
“no execution.” Two IAC members disrupted the event and were escorted
out of the building.

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