On working with the Armed Forces

Chris Brady chris_brady at SPAMearthling.net
Tue Jun 20 12:34:56 MDT 2000

I saw similar police action in Cuba: the cops are of the people there.
They sort of hang out, alert yet available, rather than patrol or march
around. They are young, fit, able-bodied individuals whose purpose is
accepted and expected by the people.

I know what you mean about defense of the revolution being a
revolutionary act.  I agree. At the same time, the progress of the
revolution, or the permanent revolution, is an act in itself that
transcends the revolutionary order the police protect and serve, so the
police cannot be protectors of the concrete cause and still be agents of
revolution in the active sense. Their holding action can allow for the
progress of the revolution, however, and for that they play a
revolutionary part.  (Thwarting theoretical thugs is worthy of a medal
at least, also). This sounds like it is getting a bit contradictory, but
it isn't and I think you get my drift, eh?

Chris Brady

P.S.: BTW, I know what you mean by the cops in Vancouver: I was once
surrounded by police with guns out in a parking lot on Burrard because,
as they said, I resembled a certain drug dealer and drove a car that
looked a lot like his.  This dealer was later found shot dead in Stanley
Park.  I know because I remember his name and when I saw it in an
article in the paper about a body found under leaves near the Duck Pond,
it gave me somewhat of a turn.

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