Pro-prozac? (was Re: [Re: Why])

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Tue Jun 20 12:35:57 MDT 2000

Sorry, Carrol, or anyone else I may have inadvertently offended.
But thanks for the immediate slam as well as your promise for an
eventual axplanation.

But what the FUCK makes you so righteous that you can SHIT on me because
I made some intentionally INoffensive remark you chose to interpret
negatively?   <--Thin-skinned wacko parody.  Sorry :)

If indeed so many folks get prozacked then we might want to know
Why? Fact remains:  it's a billion dollar biznez.  It was not
adequately researched before marketed.  Withdrawal problems are
met with suggestions for open-ended use, i.e., life.
Users become as dependent on it as diabetics on insulin.
Yet the state is down against herb...
Prozac keeps the users in and not against the system. Or...?
If what I said is wrong, I would appreciate a rational rebuttal.

Chris Brady

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