Prozac, Viagra, and Dope

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Tue Jun 20 18:23:52 MDT 2000

Carrol, you did ramble along, and you rambled into making some less than
solid assertions.

1) <mental illness is an illness, not a social or moral condition,.....>
Answer- Mental illness is a gigantic catch-all phrase.    It includes
being a social condition in many well known aspects.     Not just a
brain condition.    We have an epidemic of depression exploding forth,
precisely due to the breakdown of social structures.      There are
other reasons for different types of depression, also.      I'm not
saying that they don't exist, also.

2) No one has any real understanding at all of hypertension (chronic
high blood pressure), and the cardio-vascular system is infinitely
simpler than the brain.
Answer- Wrong on both counts.     There is much understanding about what
causes both elevated blood pressure and depression.      Fatty diet and
sorry circumstances...... though agreed, there is more to say than just

3) The criminal War on Drugs is not at issue. This is silly. And as I
said, anti-depressants have no direct effect on mood.
Answer- This is silly.      How can one say that anti-depressants have
no effect on mood?      Are they placebos then?      Depression IS a
mood disorder.      Therefore and anti-depressent should have some
effect, one would hope.

And- the criminal War on Drugs is a big issue.   The State pushes
certain drugs, but if you choose your own med, they send you off to
jail.     This is definitely a big issue.      It involves the right to
choose, not just to be prescribed to.     It's a liberty to be
independent from your doctor, pharmacist, and government official, so
that in taking care of your own body, the decisions are yours, not the
Church, not the State.

I'll leave off here by saying, I've got no right to find my
anti-depression medication to be any better than yours.    But we are
both taking more and more and more to keep functioning at any level.
Now, let's go smoke another cigarrette.
Isn't that the most repulsive medication on the captalist market?


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