L-I: About ecological questions

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at SPAMsinectis.com.ar
Tue Jun 20 23:38:57 MDT 2000

I must recognize that the ecological question has not been an actual issue
for our worker movement (I mean in Argentina). In my own case, most of the
reflections and discussions have been more bonded to the weakness of our
capitalist development, with the necessity of a strong heavy industry, with
the question of industrialization as a whole, than with the problems of
irrationality in the use of the material resources. We have been very
mistrustful about this question, introduced, almost always, by imperialist
exposers or abstract leftists.
But I want to tell a recent and interesting experience.
The last week I was in a very important meeting that the CGT of Hugo Moyano
had in a wonderful place for free-time owned by one of the trade unions. It
was a meeting of the group of economists and technicians that
collaborates with the CGT and all the general Secretaries of the trade
unions that form the Central ins order to discuss strategic questions.
I mean: it was a top and secret meeting, in which there were two deputies of
Alianza  (gov's party): one of them, Alicia Castro, general secretary of the
stewards union -member of the CGT- and the other one was an economist.
The team of economist discuss with the unionists all the principle question
of the argentinian economy and a packet of measures that could be the
emergence program of the CGT for presenting to the society and the gov. The
political and technical level was very high and it was a delicious spectacle
to see this tough men and women (not many, indeed) analyzing, for instance,
the existence or not of a national bourgeoisie and the role of the workers
in a such situation.
But the most amazing was that the ecological question appeared in a very
spontaneous way. I mean that I suddenly began to hear that the neoliberal
politics produced unemployment, reduced the wages, condemned people to
misery and hunger and -this is the most interesting- destroyed the natural
resources and the environment. This was, my comrades, a new aspect of the
question. Because those who weren saying it  were, not bearded
environmentalists with indian ponchos, but very realistic trade unions
leaders who had taken the question in their discourse. This was new for me,
and I suppose that it is also new for those who know something on what I am
speaking about.
I took the question in our weekly meeting where we prepare the TV show
sponsored by the CGT and I proposed to use a show in order to discuss this
issue. My proposition was accepted and we are going to try the issue in some
of the next shows. The problem for me is that I don't know many people in
Argentina, except our friend Nestor, that can assume the question in the way
that I would want. But, anyway, the TV show of the CGT is going to try the
ecological question as a own one. I think that it is good.
Every suggestion is wellcome.

Julio FB

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