Springtime for Hitler

Kurt Lhotzky kurt.lhotzky at SPAMchello.at
Wed Jun 21 11:42:49 MDT 2000

Dear Comrades,

it should be noted that the "Deutschland Stiftung" was always linked to the
most far-right elements of the German "Union" (Christian-Democrat ans
"Christian-Social") parties; that this foundation embraced latin american
dictators like Stroessner and Pinochet and did a lot of "educational work"
to train "political experts" from countries under right-wing dictatorships.

Therefore, Nolte fits as a laureate well in the whole picture of this
far-right "think-tank". But there is not only Nolte (whose "revisionist"
positions were in the focus of the "Historikerstreit" [quarrel of
historians] in Germany), there are academic well-settled people like the
politologe (is this right????) Loew who argued in his last book "Das Rotbuch
der kommunistischen Ideologie" ("Redbook of communist ideology") that Marx
and Engels were the natural fathers of stalinist terror. One of his most
striking argument to show the relationship between communism and fascism is
a "psychological" study about the coincidence, that Engels and Goebbels both
were born in Barmen/Elberfeld!
I just want to quote an old song of Wolf Biermann on this:
"Was haben wir denn an denen verloren,
an all den deutschen Professoren,
die wirklich manches besser wüßten,
wenn sie nicht täglich fressen müssten?"
(What have we lost on all
those german professors
who really would know a lot
if they were not obliged to eat every day?)


Kurt, from Vienna

(I wrote a rather vitriolic review about Loews book for a trade-union
magazine - but it´s all in German. If someone is interested in it, I can
post it separetely from this list!)

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