EMERGENCY ALERT! Save Gary Graham/Shaka Sankofa!

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Wed Jun 21 12:36:08 MDT 2000


--Flood Bush with calls and emails
--Demonstrations continue Wednesday and Thursday in
     --New York
     --San Francisco
     --for more see http://www.iacenter.org/juneteenth.htm#nyc
       (this site received over 500,000 hits in one day)

URGENT: contact Gov. Bush NOW
Flood Gov. Bush's office with calls and emails: (512) 463-2000 or
Bushnews at georgewbush.com demanding that he stop the execution of
Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham) immediately! Also call Gerald Garrett,
Chairman of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles: (512) 463-1679
or (512) 406-5852

Two days in a row, Bush's $1000-per-plate dinners were disrupted by
activists, Monday in Palo Alto and Tuesday in Los Angeles. There are
continuing demonstrations, from New York to Huntsville, TX, to San

*Wed., June 21, 5 pm, starting at the Republican Party HQ, 46th St. and
Madison Ave.
*Thur., June 22, 12 noon, starting at the same location
*Rallies, marches and more will be ongoing.  Call for updates on
locations and times.

Shaka Sankofa's case is now the top story in the mainstream press.
After days of protests and disruptions at his fundraisers, Gov. George
Bush is under intense pressure to stop Sankofa's execution, which is
scheduled for Thursday. For the moment, the death penalty and
Sankofa's case have become the central issue of Bush's presidential
campaign. This is an unprecedented chance to save Shaka's life!


WEDS.: Rally at the State Office Building at Van Ness and McAllister in
San Francisco from 4pm to 6 pm to demand Governor Davis send a
strong message to George W. Bush that the people of California want
him to stop the execution of Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham) and
demand a new trial.

THURS.: If there is still no stay granted by Thursday morning, there will
be a direct action and legal support demonstration at 8 am outside the
US Court of Appeals at 7th and Mission Streets in San Francisco.


Detroit Hunger strikers completed there second day of a fast to demand
that George Bush halt the execution of Shaka Sankofa, aka Gary
Graham.  On day 1, Sunday, the hunger strikers were introduced to
congregations at the Central United Methodist Church, and the New
Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit where they spoke about the case.

On Day 2 the hunger strikers set up camp outside the Detroit City
Council Building where they will remain all week.  A banner calling for a
halt to the execution of Sankofa is displayed.  The strikers and
supporters leafletted people about the case and collected about 200
petition signatures demanding a hald to the execution where were
faxed to Governor George Bush.  A 12 noon rally was well attended and
got media coverage by TV2, WWJ, the Metro Times and City View

The hunger strikers include Shirley Sanders, African American
community activist; Arnetta Grable of the Coalition Against Police
Brutality, whose son was killed by Detroit cops; Groundwork for a Just
World organizer, Jeff Nelson, and David Sole, president of UAW 2334.
Today Sally Peck, a leading anti-death penalty activist in Michigan, and
Elena Herrada, well known activist in the Latino community joined the
hunger strike.

The hunger strikers will be holding daily rallies at 12 noon at the Detroit
City County Building to continue building support for a halt to the
execution.  A vigil is scheduled for 5-7 pm on Thursday at the Detroit
City Council building, the time the Sankofa execution is scheduled to
take place.

In other cities across the country and especially in Texas actions are
taking place to halt this execution of an innocent man and to demand a
moratorium on executions nationwide.  Join the rallies every day and
visit the hunger strikers at the Detroit City County Building any time
between 8-5pm to pick up petitions.

Free Shaka Sankofa.  Free Mumia.  End the racist death penalty!

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National Peoples Campaign/Millions for Mumia
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New York, NY 10011
212 633-6646 212 633-2889 FAX
email: iacenter at iacenter.org
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