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Wed Jun 21 14:08:30 MDT 2000

This, from Jay Hanson's list. When the author talks about 'cargo cult
lefties', he means us. Jay is a radical-right evolutionary biologist and
malthusian fundamentalist. It's sad that his politics is so much better than
ours (any more for discussions about value-adding waterfalls?)

Mark Jones

   Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 20:55:07 -0000
   From: "Scott " <lynx5_5 at>
Subject: Letter to Z magazine ('enemy of my enemy' principle)

Jay said: get to those who "hate the present economic system".
Picking up on that, below is my letter to editors of "Z Magazine",
prominent rag for leftie/socialists. Check your newsstand next month
and see if my letter appears...

- Scott M

* * * * * * * * *

Hi Z,

I'm a regular reader, thanks for the great magazine.

In a recent piece (13:6) you discuss the 'yawning emptiness' of
leftist/progressive vision. I agree with your self-critique 100%.
More constructively, I'd like to offer an organizing principle for
whatever detailed program or vision for the future of society you may
be attempting to formulate.

This organizing principle for your strategizing can be simply stated:

The world's oil supply is running out.

OK, boring right ? We all know it. But do you ? Hey put a solar panel
on your roof, right ? Will that feed the people ? I find lefties
every bit as ignorant and uninterested in this issue as any techno-
optimist capitalist.

Let's look into this a little closer. The facts are clear and
brutual, whatever your ideology. The peak of world oil extraction is
expected by 2005 if not earlier. When I say peak, I mean for all
time - forever. That's it. After the peak, the era of cheap oil will
be done forever, and when the music stops, whatever we've done with
that 1-shot energy bonanza, for good or ill, is all she wrote. Post-
peak prices will first shoot through the roof, and shortly
thereafter, by 2020 or so, petroleum will be essentially unavailable
for any economic purpose.

So, hey - break out the champagne, non ? Well, maybe. Or maybe you'd
better research the issue more deeply and discover all its
ramifications and what they imply for the world and the future of
homo sapiens, if any.

First, alternatives - are there any that can replace oil to a
reasonable degree ? In fact, there are not. Please refer to the
outstanding book by Walter Youngquist "Geodestinies" for a thorough
treatment. Most lefties have the same "cargoist" faith in clean
energy breakthroughs as any capitalist. But there's no rabbit in that

Well, hey, no sweat - break out the bicycles, right ? Serves those
dirty Lexus-SUV-driving-pigs right.... yeah, probably. Now let's look
at modern agriculture. Oops. 100% dependent on petroleum, described
as "the use of land to convert petroleum into food". Sad or happy
fact: there is no substitute here that can sustain "Green Revolution"
levels of productivity. Last I checked, right, left, rich, poor -
they've all gotta eat. All 6 billion of them.

I've seen attention to global warming, old trees, etc. in Z and other
left-oriented pubs. What I have not seen is sustained, intelligent
attention to the biggest event probably of the 21st century and
perhaps of all time, in terms of number of people affected - the end
of the 'petroleum interval' in human history. Why the snooze ? Is it
a cargoist faith in cuddly renewables ? Is it the lack of engaging
ideological content in those boring oil graphs and charts ? Is even
discussion of petroleum production tantamount to ideological
contamination of some sort ? Is it the bland assumption that
petroleum exhaustion will just lower the boom on an expendable
minority of fat rich pigs in their jet-setting corporate ways,
leaving the other 5 billion homo saps healthy and happy eating local
organic produce and singing "We are the world" ? Or what is it ?

Whatever it is, get over it. This is biggest story of the century.
The mainstream press obviously can't cover it - beyond depicting Al
Gore's righteous rage at 2$ gas in Chicago. Dig deeper, that's just a
pretty shell on the beach, while the big whale-story of the century
leaps in the waves beyond you...

We're talking potential dieback of the human race to under 2 billion
worldwide (Zero Population Growth estimate of sustainable world
population living on biomass and solar income). Sorry but that's
gonna include some leftist constituencies too! We're talking probable
war, economic collapse, the whole she-bang.

Here's is your chance to take a leadership role, first in bringing
the whole discussion to your readers, then in articulating a new
vision for the new society that must emerge from this bottleneck, for
whoever comes through it. Articulate a vision! The only solution for
the sustainable societies of the future may be thoroughgoing social
control - "mutual coercion, mutually agreed upon". Coercion - the
left's speciality ! And the ones who predicted right early on may be
listened to as the smoke swirls through the ruins.

Go for it! Below please find enclosed your background research
(links), handed to you on a silver platter. To refuse to dirty your
hands with this stuff, just because the authors and analysts lack the
proper class consciousness, or your preferred political bias, would
be as absurd as Lenin refusing reliable intelligence about Eastern
front tactical situations from a good source on the Kaiser's staff -
because the source lacked good proletarian credentials. Think of
these analysts as useful idiots or whatever, but check their science.
I think you'll be surprised.

- Scott Meredith

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