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Wed Jun 21 15:18:17 MDT 2000

> The historical origin is not clear, at least to me,  but the initials stand
> for Grand Old Party.  Given the power of the Religious Right within its
> ranks, I'm surprised that the initials don't now  stand for God's Ordained
> Party.
> Ed Nakawatase
> A minor query, but one I've been meaning to ask for a time -- what is the
> 'GOP' as in 'GOP Leaders Appear Ready to Ease Cuba Embargo'?
> Paul F

historical origins of GOP moniker not particularly interesting...

Reps (north) and Dems (south) were increasingly divided by geography
following Civil War.  Some urban northern newspapers started referring
to Reps as GOP in 1870s & 1880s with emphasis on 'grand' as in large
coalition: small business, 'independent' farmer, established WASPs,
corporate/financial elites.  GOP label didn't really catch on until
years following McKinley's 1896 election as US prez when Reps themselves
began to use it in midst of 56 year control of White House, 60 year
control of Senate, and 50 year control of House between 1860 & 1932.

fwiw: newspapers also used to call Reps party of '100% Americans' during
above period...

fwiw2: grand 'old' party is really silly considering that Reps are
younger of 2 major US parties...    Michael Hoover

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