A conversation among old drinkers

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at SPAMsinectis.com.ar
Wed Jun 21 20:21:05 MDT 2000

> Ah, speaking of private vices, this one is for you: Clos du Moulin,
> Cabernet-Sauvignon + Pinot Noir. Made in Mendoza. Tasted it as a gift
> I made to myself on Fathers' Day, last Sunday. Superb, and just u$s
> 7.-- a 750 cc bottle!)
> hiccup,

I went to Mar del Plata, some weeks ago, to visit my daughter who is living
there. Her boyfriend prepared an "asado" and I adquired something
exceptional: "Luigi Bosca, Cabernet Sauvignon". $ 18. Expensive, but the
best. Impossible to miss it.

More hic!

Julio FB

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