Where was the Color at A16 in D.C.?

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New list member (HI!), didn't get the original message, but *Thank
you, Carrol*; how can the irony be so overlooked?  it reminds me of
Marxism's Zantipi (spelling?) fable.  Tuli Kupferberg did a cartoon
of a harassed Marx writing at a desk overflowing with books and
papers.  In the background (aren't we always?) is the woman as
stereotypical welfare queen with hordes of kids clutching at her.
Haggard, she whines, "Karl, when the fuck you gonna git a job?"  When
I first saw it, the feminist reclaimer in me laughed and read a
pro-woman message into it.  Later encounters with campy leftist
politics made me less sure.  It baffles me how many "Marxist" men
identify with this folktale, positioning women as oppressors.  Not a
trick question, but in a socio-political analysis, who would be the
oppressed class to head revolution in the capitalist-perpetuated
woman/man:black/white dichotomy?  To hear some Marxist/leftists rant
and mystify w/ the dreaded Zantipi, not poor exploited

>Chris Brady wrote:
>  >
>  > Could potential converts to socialism balk at privileging one group
>  > over another in contradiction of the socialist promise?
>Actually, there would be no privileging. I just think that in empirical
>class solidarity at any high level will be achieved only through a movement
>(or a stage of a movement) which is very centrally concerned with black

I overheard a kid today talking about how popular representations of
white women staying at home and having children are positive because
they serve a model of capitalism which teaches us our roles, which he
supports.  I laughed to myself and he said "open-mindedly" that he's
aware of the dissenting opinion.  He used his voice to overpower me
when I tried to talk about the Chicana woman in California picking
his strawberries for pennies while carcinogenic pesticides are
sprayed on her.  *He overpowered me w/ his voice*  He garbled
something about the "Third World" just not being accustomed to
capitalism yet.  Yikes.  Who's read Franz Fanon?  There's some shaky
ground there ("as for the woman of color [he] knows nothing of her")
but can we please get a discussion going about the global problems of
post-colonialism?  It's obvious that we/I need more of this

>whites to try to get it a thorough grasp of the fact that in geneal it
>is far easier to move from a black struggle to a black and white struggle
>than for primarily white movements to become multi-racial. It was
>utterly disgraceful the howls and yelps that arose on the old marxism
>list at the time of the first Convention of the Black Radical Congress
>about how terrible it was for them to exclude whites.
>De Facto most groups are white white white -- and then white radicals,
>including white marxists, get their knickers in a twist because blacks
>dare to meet by themselves.

The CWA workers here in Columbus just finished a strike at the Ohio
State University hospital and campus.  The racial division was acute.
The rallies were charged onstage with worker solidarity but it was
all lead by the white male rep.  The rest of the public speakers were
men and university people.  The Social Work professor at OSU gave a
speech about forgetting racial and gender divisions so "we" can focus
on the "real" issue: class division.  He doesn't get his own irony.
Really, it's like the plantation owner telling the slave to forget
about freedom so "we" can just make more money.  This white man is a
tenured PROFESSOR telling a crowd of exploited black women to forget
who they are so they can identify with him/reality.  Cuz come on, we
all know that's what black women REALLY want: identification w/ yet
another incarnation of Karl Marx the Social Work Theoretician.  With
all it has to offer, still, how can Marxist radicalism do anything
but lose ground w/ this OPPRESSIVE, PERVASIVE attitude?

In struggle,

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