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el 22 Jun 00, a las 8:21, Louis Proyect dijo:

> Hi Lou:
> Here are a few thoughts.
> The Grand Old Party
> The title "Grand Old Party" for the Republican party
> was first and foremost a recognition of its victorious
> leadership of the North in the Civil War in the United
> States. The Republican party, which united the small
> family farmers of the North with the industrialists,
> railroad interests, and land speculators of the North
> was the most revolutionary bourgeois political party
> to ever be formed in the USA, and possibly in the
> world.

So that we are confronting what we would now define as a national
front! If one remembers that the war was partly waged against the
singular relationship between the Southern landed classes and British
textile manufacture, the similitude strikes home with greater power.


> It began as a minority third party political movement,
> and ended by destroying  the old two party system in
> the USA, whigs and democrats.
> It established a one party parliamentary system in the
> USA that the PRI never rivaled. Although it never
> could - and maybe never wanted to - completely
> suppress the Democratic Party.

Still more similitudes. The comparison with the PRI is absolutely
correct in this sense.

Thank you, Anthony, for this piece of great insight!

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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