Celtic invasion to Buenos Aires

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>This is an article from Clarin.
>Is there in the list someone who can explain this celtic wave in West world?
>Julio FB
>Viernes 23 de junio de 2000

It's hard to say, but along with the dance companies there have been other
notable expressions of Irish culture and identity in the past few years.
First among them is the runaway best-seller "Angela's Ashes", which is the
memoir of Frank McCourt. Angela McCourt was Frank's mother and she had to
deal with extreme poverty, an alcoholic husband and other obstacles. Frank
was a high-school teacher up until the book was published. His brother
Malachy McCourt is an actor who has published his own memoir and the two
have co-produced an off-broadway revue based on their writings. What's of
more interest is the fact that both of them are political radicals. Malachy
had a radio show on NYC's Pacifica station which his brother used to sub
for him every once in a while. In a delightful brogue, they'd attack racism
and imperialism.

The other important artifact is Thomas Cahill's "How the Irish Saved
Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of
Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe" which was also a runaway bestseller.
Cahill has since written a similar book on the Jews.

These sorts of expressions seem positive to me, because the Irish have
functioned in many ways as a bastion of reaction since the Civil War. They
were co-opted by the ruling class as a reservoir of racism against blacks.
The irony of the "niggers of Europe" willingly being used to keep blacks
out of construction jobs or white neighborhoods has been extensively
analyzed by scholars such as David Roediger and Theodore Allen.

Louis Proyect

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