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Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at SPAMsinectis.com.ar
Fri Jun 23 18:25:28 MDT 2000

Nestor Gorojovsky wrote:

> Che, Julio, juné un poco lo que mandaste a la lista de Poryect y me
> que te llame la atención la invasión celta a Buenos Aires. Si aquí debe de
> haber la mayor proporción de célticos del planeta. O acaso no lo son tus
> gallegos antepasados? Sería divertido que hicieras notar que entre un
> O´Donovan, un McLennan y un Baraibar hay por lo menos tanto ADN como
> en común.
> Un abrazo, gaita invasor!
> Viva Castelao (cuyas obras, para ser honesto, desconozco alegremente)

 What translated to my version of Shakespeare's language means, more or

Man, I stared a little what you sent to the list of Project and it amazes
me your surprise by the celtic invasion to Buenos Aires. Possibly we have
here  the biggest proportion of celts in the whole planet. Or aren't it your
antecessors? It would be funny that you explain that between a O'Donovan, or
a McLennan and a Baraibar there is in commun at least the same quantity of
ADN as of alcohol.
A hug,  invader bagpipe!
Long live Castelao (whose works, being honest, I happily don't know)

First, I want to express very clearly that Baraibar is not a celtic name,
and much less "gallego". We, Baraibar, are part of the very proud people
from Euzkera and we don't like to be confused with the race of restaurants
and bars owners.
Second, I bet whoever and whatever that none O'Donovan or McLennan has so
much alcohol in his veins as I have.
Third, I have began to suspect that this about celtic is a conspiration of
"gallegos". Hiding themselves back the druids, the menhires and a better
considered culture they try to deny their world wide known simplicity.
To be celt is much better than to be "gallego".
Long live Unamuno, instead (and his fucking tragical sense of life)

Julio FB

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