Query: Who put so many of us on that f*ing list?

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at SPAMbellsouth.net
Fri Jun 23 20:40:07 MDT 2000

1. Who is Malecki?

2. I suggest that those who have been subscribed involuntarily, as I
have been, direct their responses to abuse at egroups.com

This is necessary because the list owner has so far apparently refused
to unsub me and several other people.

If egroups receives several complaints, they will take a look at the
list, see that the listowner has been subscribing people without
authorization, and take appropriate measures.

I believe the addresses were drawn from this list, as it is the only
one, I believe, that Carrol, Nestor and I are all on.


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Subject: Query: Who put so many of us on that f*ing list?

> I, and apparently quite a few others, have found ourselves
> subscribed to a list called "rev-commies at egroups.com".
> Does anyone know who did it to us? I gather from the first
> post I read that Malecki is on it!!!
> Carrol

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