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Subject: Press Release: Nike.com redirected to s11.org

>The sporting goods monolith Nike's website
nike.com was redirected to
>Melbourne anti-globalisation website s11.org late
yesterday for a period
>of up to 19 hours. The site recieved over a
quarter of a million hits in
>the first six hours. The website administrators
do not know how this was
>done or why.
>s11.org is a website dedicated to grassroots
organisation preparing to
>shutdown the World Economic Forum meeting at
Melbourne's Crown Casino in
>September. We suspect Nike may have been
targetted for their highly
>publicised employment practices, which have
gained extra attention in
>Melbourne of late with the recent court case
against them.
>The s11.org website has detailed information
about the wrongdoings of
>the WEF and its members. Extra information has
been added about Nike
>since the reroute.
>There was a story about the 'reroute' here:-
>There is more informationation about Nike at the
Boycott Nike homepage:-
>We have recieved the following statements from
other groups involved
>with s11:-
>From: <S11 Alliance> s11_ at hotmail.com
>Reagarding the recent website rerouting of www.nike.com:
>The s11 alliance, a coalition of groups and
individuals based in
>Australia, who are organising protests at the
World Economic Forum on
>September 11-13th, was not responsible for the
redirection of the Nike
>website. The s11 alliance has no knowledge of the
identity, whereabouts,
>motives, or methods used by the disablers of the
Nike Corporations'
>S11 is a network of organisations, affinity
groups, and individuals that
>share a common concern about the growth of
corporate power and the
>of globalisation. We are one of the main
groupings organising a week of
>cooperation, networking and protest action
against the WEF. We encourage
>everyone who is concerned about the direction of
globalisation and the
>actions of the WEF to join our network and/or
organise actions on and
>September 11.
>On September 11-13th, the World Economic Forum
(WEF) will hold its
>Asia-Pacific Economic Summit. Like the World
Trade Organisation (WTO)
>the IMF/World Bank, the World Economic Forum is a
means of promoting
>economic and social policies that will benefit
the rich and the powerful
>the expense of the majority of the world's people
and the environment.
>Participants are being lured to the summit with
the opportunity to meet
>a time when the eyes of the world will be fixed
on Australia, and
>their participation in the Summit with the
Olympic Games." Members of
>WEF include Amcor, BHP, BP, Boeing, Citibank,
Commonwealth Bank,
>Dow Corning, Dupont, Exxon-Mobil, General Motors
Holden, McDonald's,
>Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Monsanto, Nestle, Nike,
Publishing & Broadcasting
>Ltd., Rio Tinto, Shell, Siemans, Westfield,
Western Mining.
>For more information, see http://www.s11.org
>From: deadsuperstar at cybergal.com
>Solidarity With the S11 nike.com Hackers
>Communique from the Chic Revolutionary Fashion Cabal
>The stickering and protest at Melbourneís nike
town was undertaken in
>support of the hackers that re-directed the
nike.com site to
>www.s11.org. Though the hackers are unknown to us
we take our action in
>solidarity with their action and in preparation
for the shutdown of the
>World Economic Forum. We oppose the WEF and its
capitalist entourage for
>several reasons;
>The free trade agenda of the wef pushes workers
and the environment to
>the wall. The global nature of capital creates a
race to the bottom in
>labour and environmental standards through its
ability to shift capital
>and production at a whim.
>The WEF is entirely undemocratic and have
no-right to proclaim global
>leadership. Their agenda is that of corporate
profit and their members
>are regulars in trampling human rights, workers
and the environment. A
>quick scan through their members; Nike, Shell,
Microsoft, Rio Tinto,
>Siemens, Publishing and Broadcasting etc. reveals
a pot pourri of
>corporate savegry.

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