Query: Who put so many of us on that f*ing list?

M A Jones jones118 at SPAMlineone.net
Sat Jun 24 03:40:27 MDT 2000

If you want to unsub an egroups list, you have to click on something like
To unsubscribe send email to: CrashList-talk-unsubscribe at egroups.com
(for crashlist-talk, that is, dunno about Malecki's list). BUT NOTA BENE:
This DOES NOT instantly unsub you: you then get a second dialogue which
again prompts you to unsub yourself, and this time if you click 'unsub'
you'll be unsubbed. I know this works, because Malecki subbed me too, and I
unsubbed myself about 3 nanoseconds later. So  it can be done.

Mark Jones

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Subject: Re: Query: Who put so many of us on that f*ing list?

> 1. Who is Malecki?
> 2. I suggest that those who have been subscribed involuntarily, as I
> have been, direct their responses to abuse at egroups.com
> This is necessary because the list owner has so far apparently refused
> to unsub me and several other people.
> If egroups receives several complaints, they will take a look at the
> list, see that the listowner has been subscribing people without
> authorization, and take appropriate measures.
> I believe the addresses were drawn from this list, as it is the only
> one, I believe, that Carrol, Nestor and I are all on.
> José
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> From: "Carrol Cox" <cbcox at ilstu.edu>
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> Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2000 10:19 PM
> Subject: Query: Who put so many of us on that f*ing list?
> > I, and apparently quite a few others, have found ourselves
> > subscribed to a list called "rev-commies at egroups.com".
> > Does anyone know who did it to us? I gather from the first
> > post I read that Malecki is on it!!!
> >
> > Carrol
> >
> >
> >

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