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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Jun 24 06:53:44 MDT 2000

In the course of an exchange offline with a list member yesterday,  it came
to my attention that he and possibly others are not sure about how to post
to the list.

If you are subbed to the regular list, and there is a message you want to
reply to, simply use the "Reply" function on your email program. This will
automatically include all of the previous message that you are commenting
on with a ">" character in front of each line. It will also automatically
make the list address (marxism at the "to" address. (Please
try to weed out as much of the previous message as possible and only
include the text that is relevant to your reply. Bandwidth is at a premium
for subscribers in third world countries where phone charges are much higher.)

If you are subbed to the digest, it is a little bit trickier because you
are dealing with multiple messages. Probably the best approach would be to
copy and paste from the digest into a new message only what you are
commenting on and then send it off to marxism at

Of course if you are composing a new message that is not related to a
previous thread, just compose it and send it off to marxism at
as if you were writing a friend. Well, the list is kind of a friend to most
of us, when you stop and think about it. . .

Louis Proyect
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