Query: Who put so many of us on that f*ing list?

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at SPAMbellsouth.net
Sat Jun 24 20:53:57 MDT 2000

Well, I finally got unsubbbed.

It turned out at the bottom of an email "welcoming" me, there was a PS
saying that the list moderator had not only subbed me, but created an
egroups account in my name, under my jgperez at netzero.net email.

With that login and password info, I was able to go to egroups on the
web and unsub myself. (Note to the egroups moderator: both the account
name and password have now been changed).

If it was George who did this, he owes his targets an apology.
Moreover, he should realize that by sending out the stuff from egroups
anonymously, instead of in his own name, or at least accompanied by
separate note from him explaining what he had done, he has exacerbated
the negative reaction.

How negative?

Well when I went to unsub myself today, there were something like 57
subscribers left, down from the 160 that Macdonald reports.

And the message threads have titles like "How dare you,"
"Unsubscribe," etc.


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Subject: Re: Query: Who put so many of us on that f*ing list?

> I was subbed as well, apparently so were many others. I checked the
> page of (I think George Pennefathers') "Rev-Commies" and from some
> subscribers in May, it has shot up to 160 in June. I hope this isn't
> (George?) would propose building a revolutionary party as well.
> This is very uncomradely.
> Macdonald
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> Subject: Query: Who put so many of us on that f*ing list?
> > I, and apparently quite a few others, have found ourselves
> > subscribed to a list called "rev-commies at egroups.com".
> > Does anyone know who did it to us? I gather from the first
> > post I read that Malecki is on it!!!
> >
> > Carrol
> >

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