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>Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, which is made up of
>the 36 African-American members of the US House of
>Representatives, met with Cuban president Fidel Castro Ruz June
>3-4. After describing Cuba's program for sending doctors to
>impoverished areas throughout the Caribbean and Africa, Castro
>suggested that Cuba could provide free medical training to 10-12
>US students who would then serve in impoverished parts of the US.
>"It would be hard for your government to oppose such a program,"
>Castro told the legislators. "It would be a trial for them.
>Morally, how could they refuse?"
>Castro indicated a lack of interest in the November US
>presidential race, in which the leading contenders are expected
>to be Vice President Al Gore and Texas governor George W. Bush.
>"I really disagree with both candidates," Castro said. "I'm going
>to be among the 50% of Americans who will go fishing on election
>From: Weekly News Update on the Americas, 6/19
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