Ladybird, Ladybird

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Sun Jun 25 05:55:03 MDT 2000

 I have just seen in the state owned channel, Canal 7, the extraordinary
film by Ken Loach Ladybird, Ladybird.
I like this director very much.  This is the kind of movies that I would
like to make. The bourgeois state appears there in its basic injustice, in
its fundamental despotism. Among so many disgraces that we have to accuse
the british we must thanks the existence of such artists as Ken Loach. The
worker class has in him, in his crude realism, in his raw camera, in his
bloody absence of idealism, one of the most wonderful testimonies of the
material and spiritual povety that capitalism have to offer.
I feel Ken Loach as a comrade and a twin soul. The scene of love between the
little fat, mature and poor woman and the alone, not handsome and
countryless man  is all the contrary to the "commoditized" vision of love
and fucking that we are accustomed in the fashioned film industry. This man
knows his people and this is, maybe, the only important in art question.
As a question beside. The factum that the oficial channel has showed this
film is one of the characteristic problems of our country. During Menem's
administration the channel 7 was one of the Augias stables of the regime.
The president had converted the oficial channel in a mix of bordel and
casino. The idea that the president had about culture was a cocktail of pee
and shit humour and programs that were a kind of living book for high
prostitution. The adminsitration of De la Rua had changed the orientation of
the channel and given its direction to a petty bourgeois group that has
tried to restablish the original character of a such channel: culture, non
commercial programs, etc. The notice shows reach sometimes a level of
admirable ingenuity criticizing the gov and giving place to declared
adversaries of the administration. The european members of the list can
think that it should be the normal. But this is not the normal in Argentina.
More than this, it is seen as a kind of ingenous attitude that doesn't
understand the power question.
Anyway Ken Loach was in our little screen and it was worth.-

Julio FB

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