Temp setback in B.A.?

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at SPAMsinectis.com.ar
Sun Jun 25 06:47:20 MDT 2000

Thank you, Chris. Your are allways paying attention to every little notice
about this part of the planet.
Effectively, a labour judge accepted what we call a "recurso de amparo"
against the cut of public wages. This is a juridic institution that
guaranties agains the possible violation of a right by some gov's measure.
It defends the citizen against a menace or a risk of violation. The result
is a "non innovation" measure, a suspension of the effects of the law or
The presentation was made by the chief of CGT's lawyers Dr. Hector Recalde
and the lawyers of all the labour organizations. Fortunately I had been able
to participate in this juridic struggle because I am very closed friend of
Hector, and both make our TV show. Politically it has been a hard hit and
the court's decision shows the state of conscience in some middle class
sectors. Of course, the gov has the Supreme Court, but it can be interesting
to know if they can decide unanimously.
But it is very good to know that the very NYT has taken note of this.
Narcissistically speaking.

Julio FB

> A labor court ruled to overturn a recent act of President
> Fernando de la Rúa to cut public service salaries by 12 to
> 15 percent as an austerity move to reduce the deficit and
> cut interest rates. The ruling came after recent labor strikes
> but is expected to be overturned by higher courts.
>         Clifford Krauss (NYT) 24 June 2000

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