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Chris wrote:
>Washington DC, where I live, is full of them.
>The only remotely authentic "Irish" pub in the US I've ever been to is in my
>old home town of San Diego.  Run by IRA sympathizers, the walls were covered
>with "Screw the Brits" and "They Have Imprisoned Our Heroes" posters.  I've
>heard that Englishmen and -women who've gone there have been refused

I know of another genuine Irish pub. It's where me and Mark Jones used to
meet up in his East End neighborhood. The first time I went in there I took
a seat at the bar and ordered a tall one. I noticed a sack next to me on
the floor that I thought somebody had forgotten. As I reached down to give
it to the bartender, a guy from a nearby table said, "Oh, that's mine.
Don't worry about that. It's not a bomb," followed by a beery laugh.

Louis Proyect
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