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Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Sun Jun 25 10:36:14 MDT 2000

This comment by Patrice Marchak does shed light some, on a phenomena in
Latin America that is poorly understood in the imperialist ountries.
Here, we have been bombarded for the last decade, with what I would call
The Cult of The Center.      Before that we had a decade of The Cult of
The Right.

In imperial countries underneath this dictatorship of The Cult of The
Center, we are bombarded constantly with an intense propaganda about the
supposed virtues of finding the exact middle of the range of opinion,
and then representing that sector as being somehow Holy.

Clinton mastered this 'art', under the disguise of triangulation.
The opposition was to be divided into almost equal parts, and the middle
was to be grabbed and held on for dear life.

In times of chaos and economic trauma, the right side of this
triangulated spectrum tends to get picked up by the Left.     And the
center falls into disrepute.      This is something that The Cult of The
Center wants to avoid everywhere.

Since we have been bombarded by this intense propaganda in the
imperialist countries for a decade now, all about how civilization can
only be truly achieved under the domain of the  Holy 'Center' spectrum
of political life, many of us here have a hard time imagining societies
where the center has been ideologically smashed.

But that is just the case in countries like Argentina, Colombia, Mexico,
Venezuela, and Peru.     All have had center spectrums of political
life, that have totally lost their credibility.

In the US for example, despite the growing dissatisfaction of Center
rule under Clinton, the ruling elite continue to churn out immense
quantities of propaganda about the necessity of all thing staying

Both the right and left in the US find Clintonism (The Center) to be
more and more tiresome.     It unites us in this one thing alone.
But we have a hard time imagining how tiresome 71 years of the center
would become, as in the case of the PRI in Mexico.

Or how the center holds no appeal in countries like Venezuela or
Colombia or Peru, all with traditional center parties with decades of
total corruption and mismanagement of national affairs under their

In the case of Argentina, Patrice Marchak's comments seem to point to
being influenced by the idea that not only the left and working class
suffered in Argentina under the military, but also the right and middle
classes.     But what she seems to forget, is that the current situation
was not the situation at all, at the time of when the military unleashed
its repression.     IN that time, these current right oppositionists
whose feelings she takes into account, were allied in a center/right
domination of Argentine society.

This mantra of capitalism works best without repression that Marchak
offers, is the time old plea of the social democrats.    In the US, the
version is that capitalism works best when consumer safety is taken into
account, and workers rights are respected.......  Current program of the
Green/ SD alliance that Nader represents.

Tony Abdo

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