Who is Patrice Marchak?

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Sun Jun 25 13:10:00 MDT 2000

Marchak is a loony bird, but she is right that the savagery of the Dirty
War cannot be reduced simply to the military carrying out the wishes of the
Argentine oligarchy. "El Proceso" furnished its own ideology, some of it no
doubt repugnant to both the Argentine upper classes and their foreign
backers. Nestor can best commment on this, but the anti-semitism of the
junta seems to have been in-grown, a vestige of Pre-Peron fascism, rather
than something imposed by the bourgeosie on the armed forces.Certainly,
Timmerman's "Prisoner without a Name, Cell without a Number" gives that
Julio CesarAt 10:50 AM 6/25/00 -0300, you wrote:
>What do our canadian comrades about Patrice Marchak, president of "Academia
>de Humanidades"?.
>She has wrote about the "dirty war" in Argentina and has been in Buenos
>Aires during the last week.
>For them that can read spanish, this is her last answer in an interview
>-¿La dictadura respondía a intereses económicos o ideológicos?
>-Mucha gente que entrevisté -especialmente de izquierda- creía que los
>militares actuaban en favor de la oligarquía, una interpretación de sesgo
>marxista. Al principio yo estaba inclinada a creer que era verdad, pero
>después de hablar con mucha gente de la clase media y de la Iglesia me di
>cuenta de que para los militares la represión era una Guerra Santa.

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