John Edmundson JWE21 at SPAMstudent.canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Jun 25 20:41:44 MDT 2000

The cult-fascination people have for Tibet is truly bizzare. Not only
have the Dalai Lama and his cohorts managed to distort the recent
history of anti-Chinese resistance, pretending that the movement is
exclusively pacifist, and therefore holds some sort of moral high
ground, despite its CIA funding, but they have also created an
illusion of past pacifism as well, based on their Buddhist faith.
Buddhism of course has neither a monopoly on pacifism, nor a
miraculous aversion to violence. Tibet itself has an extremely
warlike past, much of it expansionary, not defensive. As mentioned
on this list, Tibetan armies fought the Chinese with great success
in the past. Between the mid 600s and 800s AD, Tibetan armies
waged numerous wars of aggression, aimed at both other Tibetans
and non-Tibetans. Today of course, rather than the Dalai Lama and
a return to theocratic rule, what Tibetans could use is more food,
health care and general deliverance from poverty. They're unlikely
to get it courtesy of the Chinese government, but even less likely to
get it from the Dalai Lama, unless of course, he can work one of
his much talked of miracles.
John Edmundson

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