The British SWP

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sun Jun 25 22:29:38 MDT 2000

To add to the email I just sent re the IST internationally, here's
something by someone who recently left the British SWP:

>I ceased my membership of the SWP a while ago. I was in it long enough to
>confirm my suspicions -- that its political level was low, that it
>patronised >the working class in its publications and, worst of all, that
>it was >thoroughly undemocratic and incapable of change. The only formal
>democracy in >the organisation is the election of members of the PC at
>conference, and this >is merely a rubber stamping affair. The banning of
>factions that endure longer >than the date of the next conference
>effectively prevents any serious >differences of opinion or any effective
>internal electoral challenge to the >ruling clique. The paper is, as ever,
>as dull as ditchwater and they have made >no attempt to understand how
>they overestimated the
>possibilities for the left in the period after the '97 election.

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