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el 25 Jun 00, a las 17:57, Julio Fernández Baraibar dijo:

Nestor can best commment on this, but the
> > anti-semitism of the junta seems to have been in-grown, a vestige of
> > Pre-Peron fascism, rather than something imposed by the bourgeosie
> > on the armed forces.Certainly, Timmerman's "Prisoner without a Name,
> > Cell without a Number" gives that impression.
> Oh no, no, no, no!

I can understand Julio FB's desperation here. But why don't we all
calm down? Julio is right, however, in pointing out the main source
of antisemitism in Argentina, which is not usually a popular thing.
It is pure oligarchic stuff.

Look, I have a personal anecdote here. When I was at high school, I
went to a very politicized school indeed, the Colegio Nacional de
Buenos Aires. This was, by those times, famous as the best school in
Buenos Aires, staffed basically by University teachers. And I must
admit that at least half of what I learnt there was useful all
through my University, and is still today. It was a professor at that
school who taught me how is it that scholarly work is conducted. And
my passion for politics was adequately reared in that school, too.

Politics divided the course I was in, as a Berlin Wall. On the one
side, you had the "Lefties" -the Cortázar-Sábato-Borges gang, you
understand Julio FB!-, on the other side the Right, the
"Conservatives". Almost no Peronists, they were strange bugs and not
very talkative.

There was no race divide in politics. There were Right-wing Jews and
Left-wing Jews, as well as Right-wing "tanos" and Left-wing "tanos"
(Italians), Basque, and all the European constellation of
nationalities. No Creoles, no "negros" (well, only one, I remember
the "negro" Quiroga, who lived with all his family in a single room
at a tenement house a few blocks to the South of the school in San
Telmo, a very poor quarter of Buenos Aires; he had managed to get
into the "Colegio de la Patria", but could not stand the rythm and
dropped out in First Year of High School: there _was_ a class limit
in High School attendancy).

I do particularly remember the "Gordo" (Fats) Wassermann, a plump,
serious and sensuous looking Jew who was a staunch "rightist". He was
very close friend to Terzaghi, a right-wing middle class who looked
then (and more yet 25 years later, when I met them again at a
promotion meeting) like a Conservative leader of the 1930s. Terzaghi,
not belonging himself to an oligarchic family, was particularly
strong in his Conservative belief (we had some pure olive oil
oligarchs among us, for example Rafael "Pali" Talento, brother to a
Montonero leader by the way: landowners and people in the financial
business later). Terzaghi later chose that most oligarchic of
University carreers, Agronomic Engineering, as his own carreer.

Now, these Wasserman and Terzaghi were really close friends and, each
one his own way, managed to excel and to make a fortune. With time,
Wassermann turned out to be an excellent (and affluent) physician
while Terzaghi made a good living out of relations he carefully
cultivated in order to exercise his profession (this kind of
cultivation being, certainly, of a social kind, not of a more, let us
say, material kind). I lost track of all of them early in the 1970s,
and met them again, as I told, in 1995.

Much to my surprise, Terzaghi and Wasserman were now so separated
they did not even talk to each other. After doing some research, I
discovered why. And it is a very instructive discovery. As he climbed
in the social scale, Wasserman wanted to have a house at a "high
class" country club, the Highland Park country club, to the NW of
Buenos Aires. This was a very exclusive club indeed, something that
now is somehow popular but was not in the early 70s when the Club had
been founded. Wasserman would die to get into the Highland Park. He
had heard of something about "numerus clausus" and -yes- black balls.
But he did not believe anything of that. And, luckily enough, his
soul friend Terzaghi membered the Board of the Club. Why wouldn't he
become a member?

Well, you imagine the end of this story. Terzaghi, the non-
Antisemite, the democratic rightist, the middle class keeper of good
usages, was the man the Board of Directors of the Highland Park chose
to inform Wasserman that he was not to be admitted into the Country
Club! Reasons why? None but Wasserman's being a Jew, of course. And
know what? Dear buddy Terzaghi behaved the way the class he chose to
serve wanted him to behave. When Wasserman met me at that promotion
party in 1995, he told me "we were foolish to be so separated by
politics, were we not?". Terzaghi did not approach me, which I
consider one of the proofs of the existence of God Almighty.

> Let's take it part by part, as Jack the Ripper would say. The
> argentinian oligarchy has allways had an antisemitic nuance, as we
> have explained in another messages. Of course, it only has appeared in
> extreme situations, even when its oficial, public ideology denies
> this. The police and the security forces of the oligarchic regime has
> mantained along the years this antisemitic side.

And spurts of antisemitism have taken place only under oligarchic,
"democratic" regimes: the Penjerek case or the Satanowsky case being
good examples.

There hasn't been
> high officers of jewish ascendant in the armed forces.

I have known a Jewish NCO at the Air Force. He had retired by the
time I knew him, and owned a little shoe shop in the outskirts of
Buenos Aires. But he came from Entre Ríos, where there existed Jewish
colonies and an Air Force brigade at Paraná.

To be jewish is
> a no-written impediment to come in the Military School.

Yes, that's why these stupids lost the Malvinas war. Had they asked
me for advice... or that enormous antiPeronist Jew but wonderful
military analyst Manfred Schoenfeld, who during the war wrote
devastating articles in the arch-conservative newspaper _La Prensa_
that the military would have been best advised to follow!

It is almost
> imposible for a fine girl belonging this social class to marry with a
> jewish bussiness man, don't matter the money that the "rusito" can
> have in the bank. Of course, they have allways had some jewish lawyer,
> some jewish journalist, some jewish advicer, but they don't belong the
> class. I could name a lot of argentinian writers, jurists, judges and
> journalists that have served to the oligarchy but none of them is
> member of the Jockey Club or the Club Atletico San Isidro. The black
> ball has appeared when they have tried to infiltrate in this temples
> of our old dominant class.

And I find the following by Julio not only revealing but highly
commendable as an explanation of antisemitism in the Argentinian
Armed Forces during the decades of the Oligarchic Military Party
(1955-1983) in politics. This informal party which was the most
influential force in domestic politics during the whole period, by
the way, was created under the auspices of the United States of
America and was drilled in counter-insurgency tactics by the douce
France of Algeria...

The antisemitism of "El Proceso" has to do
> with this tendence and with the fact that the national bourgeoisie has
> had a very important component of argentinian citizen with jewish
> inheritance that could work themselves up in the society during our
> industrialization process. The oligarchy hated them. I have heard, for
> instance, to say that Gelbard -the Economy Minister of Peron, a very
> symbol for this national bourgeoisie- wanted to take  the land from
> its legitime owners, they, of course. The antisemitism of the junta
> was fed by the hate of the oligarchy to the industry, the industry
> owners, the workers and the modern Argentina.

And, as to Timmerman, he was also a bloodsucker of a bourgeois. I
have suffered him personally.
Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at inea.com.ar
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