M-U: What's New at the Marxists Internet Archive for 6/19 - 6/25/00.

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What's New at the Marxists Internet Archive for 6/19 - 6/25/00.

24 June, 2000:
Added to the Trotsky Internet Archive is Trotsky's 1935 essay "Rosa
Luxemburg and the Fourth International". [Thanks to
Dario Romeo]

Two new writers archives have been started on the MIA's Spanish Language
Section: The Archivo Anatoli Lunacharsky and
the Archivo Nikolai Bukharin [Thanks to Juan Fajardo]

The Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line(ETOL) has started a major
reorganization and updating of it's contents, including the
addition of a new writers archive page. Additionally, the ETOL now
contains an official mirror of the Revolutionary History
magazine web site. [Thanks to Luciano Dondero and Sally Ryan]

Joseph Stalin's polemic The October Revolution and the Tactics of the
Russian Communists has been added to the Stalin
Reference Archive [Thanks to Charles Farrell]

21 June, 2000:
We are pleased to announce that a Chinese language archive has been
added to the Marxists Internet Archive. In addition we
are happy to welcome the director of this archive: Weidong Ren. [Thanks
to Weidong Ren]

The Lenin Assembly Line Project has added to the Lenin Internet Archive
Lenin's 1904 polemic One Step Forward, Two
Steps Back. [Thanks to Charles Farrell and David Walters]

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