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anarchism. The state in our countries has been abolished by liberalism. I
subscribed to the list in order to discuss and change point of view with
marxists of diferent countries and traditions.
And besides this new kind of anarchists without real conexions with the
worker class, that the old anarchism had, is, as I think was Mac who said
it, a media phenomena. It is more interesting for TV notices a group of
youngs breaking windows than a boried group of citizen discussing Lenin or
It is not a matter of censorship. It is a matter of time and issues.
Who that has interest and necessity to discuss and act with anarchists can
do it in the political acting. And this can we discuss in the list.
Julio Fernandez Baraibar
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> Louis Proyect,
> kind and fair moderator, your job becons you. There are many lists out
> there where I and anyone else who wants to could engage this sort of
> debate. I think this is still the Marxism list, no? On a list that
> contains so many tried and true veterans of very very real class
> struggle, particularly our third world comrades, who don't need this
> sort of mindless insult to what motivates putting life and limb on the
> line. The one thing that makes it absolutely impossible for me to often
> discuss politics with an anarchist (and it is not always true, but most
> often) is when they tell me that I have dictatorial desires, I'm a
> power freak, etc.
> At any rate, Lou, I hope a cease order come through. I can (despite
> others protestations) work with some of the anarchists here in town,
> and I plan to continue. Unfortunately, calling yourself an "anarchist"
> is about as easy as calling yourself someone who prefers to drink Jolt
> Cola, because those other sodas just ain't hard core, go all the way
> enough. It get's pretty boring. There are well read anarchists, maybe
> Jamal is one, but I've yet to meet an anarchist who respects
> my "liberatory" integrity more than my "flag".
> > Way to dodge the issue, bud!
> >
> > But anyway, I think it's fair to respond to marxists talking about the
> > past by talking about the past.. but to expect everyone to read old
> texts
> > just doesnt work very well these days.
> >
> >  - Jamal
> >
> >
> --
> Macdonald Stainsby
> check the "ten point platform" of Tao at:
> "We believe that socialism is the fairest system and we
> are devoting our lives to it, but we have to demonstrate its
> viability. It has always been a complex process, even though we
> thought it would be easy. We have lived under pressure from the
> start, and more so today, but we are not going to give up. That would
> be crazy."
> -Raul Castro, General of the Cuban Army, 1999.

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