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I will make this notice rather short, as I am exhausted from todays
    Make no mistake, the cops in Seattle were "fascist" today surely.
What happened, that is simply not coming across, is that the activists
were involved in a coalition called the "direct action network" (DAN).
The procession was meticulous right from 5:00 am about protecting the
other demonstrators from fascist cops. You all know the "Chinese finger
traps"? In your mind, picture such things that are used on the arm.
That was the lockdown.
     I don't want to go on at lengths about this now, But nonetheless
the actions of the cops were rather out of line. My best vantage report
is to simply say that I was involved in the "lockdown" that stopped
delegates from getting to the meetings, when I heard that tear gas had
already been fired on demonstrators. I ran off towards the "main show"
and joined in the lockdown. I can honestly say I've never seen so many
peaceful hippies in one place. The chants were "the whole world is
watching!!". It was typical of the new left of the sixties. The
demonstrators locked down in arms, we got tear-gassed. Picture this:
You just got tear gassed, you can't see, you having trouble breathing.
Beyond that, you are so disoriented that you can not tell if you are
standing or falling. You know that your arm is somehow involved with
someone nearby. You don't know if you are leaning or being leaned on. A
tank is marching forward at a set speed. People you know and trust have
their voices screaming in pain, in fear. Then, while you are still bild
and stumbling forward, you hear the unmistakable sound of gunshots. You
still can not see, you can only be afraid- or determined. What would
you do?
    Do you accept it- or do you find gas masks and let the chips fall
where they may? I'm not an Anarchist, but each and every one of
those "blacks" thart resisted were the first heroes of the new
millenium. Our millenium.

Long live the Seattle resistance!

We shall make you pay!

Macdonald Stainsby

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   Henry Kissinger, 1974
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