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Gary Maclennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Wed Jun 28 23:15:15 MDT 2000

>     Because of the prominence of the case and the fact that the
>Circuit Court's order preventing Elian Gonzalez and his family from
>returning home expires Wednesday afternoon, the court is expected to
>take some kind of action Wednesday morning.
>     If the court does agree to hear the case, and grants the lawyers
>an injunction preventing Elián from returning to his home in the
>meantime, it could mean a delay of many months. After Friday, the
>Court goes into recess until October. (Nice work if you can get it!)
>And a final ruling in the case could come as late as a year from now,
>by the end of the Supreme Court's following term.

This post plunged me into one of my depressions. After the death of Shaka
Sankofa I couldn't see any decency remaining among American liberals. The
strength of Babylon seemed overwhelming.

However this morning the news was wonderful.  It was given a low key -
custody battle framing here in Oz. But the political significance of this
case escapes the attempt by the bourgeois media to contain it. This is
nothing less than a great victory for the Cuban revolution.  The people
fought for their son and they won.

My heartfelt congratulations to Juan Miguel and his family and to the Cuban
people. Juan Miguel  entered the heart of the Great Beast and was not
corrupted nor intimidated and he won a great victory over the fascist
kidnapping filth. Congratulations also to the Latin American comrades on
this list, I know this struggle had a special significance for them. And a
special thanks to Jose -(must stubborn of men!) for keeping us all posted.

comradely regards


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