JIANG: strengthened ideological and political work vital

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JIANG: strengthened ideological and political work vital (06/28/2000)

                        Chinese President Jiang Zemin wants the ruling
Communist Party of China (CPC) to put more emphasis on socialist
ideological and political education to ensure that the country's
modernization drive is a success.

                        Jiang, general secretary of the CPC Central
Committee, made the call at the ideological and political work
conference of the CPC Central Committee, which opened in Beijing
Wednesday morning.

                        The Chinese leader noted that the world is in a
time of profound change, and China is undertaking massive reforms to
improve its socialist system. The party's ideological and political work
has become even more arduous under the new complicated circumstances.

        Jiang, who is also chairman of the Central Military Commission,
noted that the new situations demand that the party's ideological and
political work must be improved in terms of context, method and means.

        Li Peng, Li Ruihuan, Hu Jintao, Wei Jianxing and Li Lanqing,
members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC
Central Committee, attended the conference, which was presided over by
Hu Jintao.

        In his speech, Jiang expounded on the extreme importance of the
party's ideological and political work, which, he said, is the lifeblood
of the economy and all other undertakings, the key to achieving the
tasks of the Party and the state, and the major political advantage of
the Party and the socialist country.

        Only by giving full play to this political advantage can China
ensure its economy and other undertakings to advance smoothly in the
right direction, and mobilize the whole nation to work together for
development, Jiang said.

        New situations and challenges, and the present status quo of the
party's ideological and political work call for the Party to make
greater efforts to improve this work.

        Only by doing so can the Party always promote the productive
forces, the advanced Chinese culture and the fundamental interests of
the Chinese people, Jiang said.

        Jiang noted that to improve the ideological and political work,
it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the international
and domestic situations, review the past experience and analyze the
current problems, especially the theoretical and practical problems that
have a direct bearing on the mentality of the cadres and ordinary
people, and find solutions to these problems.

        In his speech, the Chinese leader also touched on how to view
the development process of socialism, the evolution of capitalism, the
impact of the country's reforms on society, and the current
international environment.

        To strengthen and improve the party's ideological and political
work, Marxism must be studied and promoted, and the role of Marxism as
the ideological guidance in China must be upheld, Jiang said.

        It is imperative that the Party should educate the people in
Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory.

        The Chinese leader also stressed the crucial need to strengthen
the ideological education and deepen people's faith in socialism, and to
continuously work to bring the nation closer together.

        Jiang stressed the importance of spreading socialist ethics and
raising the moral standards of the Chinese people at a time when the
nation is developing the socialist market economy.

        Both laws and ethics are necessary for regulating people's
behaviors, he said. Therefore, laws and ethics should interact and play
a significant role in society.

        In developing socialist morality, the state must wisely balance
equity with efficiency, and promote China's fine traditions while
absorbing fine things of foreign cultures.

        In the process of socialist construction, the interests of the
nation and the people must be regarded as priority while legitimate
rights of individuals are respected and fully protected, Jiang said.

        Meanwhile, Jiang urged that new, effective ways should be found
to educate the Chinese people in socialist ideology.

        Since the adoption of the reform and opening policy, China has
witnessed many new developments in its socialist culture.

        While advocating the traditional means of promoting people's
ideological and political awareness that have proved effective, Jiang
urged his fellow Party members to explore innovative ways to teach
people about ideology and politics. He urged localities to spread the
word when people come up with their own effective educational

        Jiang underscored that the CPC, as well as officials at various
levels, must always serve the public while educating them.

        Jiang said that strengthening and improving the moral and
political education among the people would ultimately benefit China's
economic development.

        Cultivating higher ethical standards must be combined with
economic growth, Jiang emphasized.

        The CPC members and officials must seek out the opinions and
complaints of the common people and focus on solving their daily
problems, Jiang said.

        All CPC members and leading officials should devote their
efforts to ideological and political education, he pointed out.

        Leading party officials in localities must do their utmost to
promote the moral and political education, Jiang said, adding that they
must gain a comprehensive understanding of the work and learn the basic
laws related to it as soon as possible.

        All of society should participate in the socialist education
campaign, including party organs, governments, trade unions and other
public groups, Jiang said.

        All enterprises and institutions involved in the production of
cultural goods must place social benefits above economic returns, he

        Leading officials at various levels should study key ideological
and political issues and grasp the social trends, Jiang said.

        Meanwhile, the examples set by leading officials are extremely
important for the success of the education endeavor, Jiang said.

        The central authorities of the CPC stress that they should
govern themselves well if they are to govern the state well.

        All Party members must follow the rules set by the Party's
central authorities and earn the respect of the people, Jiang said.

        He said he hopes all the Party members would be enthusiastic,
confident, and hard-working as they work to reach this important goal.

        Hu Jintao said that Jiang offered a thorough analysis of the
true situation facing the Communist Party and the issues that have
cropped up, and pointed out the major tasks facing the state in ethical
and political education.

        Jiang's remarks serve as guidelines for improving the work of
the Party and building socialism with Chinese characteristics, Hu said.


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