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M A Jones mark at SPAMjones118.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Jun 29 03:01:15 MDT 2000

Macdonal Stainsby wrote:
>Principle among these is Gerald Levy.

I don't want my only contributions hereabouts to be cheerleading our Great
Helmsman, but as not all subscribers, including Mac I suspect, were around
in the bad old days when Levy spewed his venom all over the old Marxism
lists, until he was expelled from everywhere except Thaxis, apparently,
it may not be understood just what a pathological sicko Levy is. I
suspect he is not human at all but was confected by Monsanto in some
early GM experiment that went badly wrong.

A dispute with Rakesh and Doug Henwood is one thing: for all
their faults, they can be respected as thinkers and even as activists:
Rakesh is a brilliant Marxist economist, as Doug is a brilliant
left-keynesian. Levy is none of these things; he should not be taken
seriously. Rakesh's own book reviews were often highly collectible;
he was the only reason I could find for staying on LBO until even his
intellectual charm no longer outweighed the intense boredom that comes from
receiving 500 posts a day which mostly seem to be the products of some kind
of left-chic Trivial Pursuits automatic random generator. But Rakesh as
books editor for Monthly Review? That was just an innocent joke,
probably his, surely?

Mark Jones

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