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Excerpt from Preface  by Nadezhda K. Krupskaya (November 30, 1933)

 In the course of his revolutionary activities Lenin often wrote and spoke about the
emancipation of working women in general and peasant women in particular. To be sure,
the emancipation of women is inseparably bound up with the entire struggle for the
worxers' cause, for socialism. We know Lenin as the leader of the working people, as
the organiser of the Party and Soviet government, as a fighter and builder. Every
working woman, every peasant woman must know about all that Lenin did, every aspect of
his work, without limiting herself to what Lenin said about the position of working
women and their emancipation. But be-cause there exists the closest connection between
the entire struggle of the working class and improving the position of women, Lenin
often--on more than forty occasions, in fact--referred to this question in his
speeches and articles, and every one of these references was inseparably hound up with
all the other things that were of interest and concern to him !
at the time.

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