[ANL] Nazi nailbomber - demonstrate Thursday

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>> > Subject: [ANL] Nazi nailbomber - demonstrate Thursday!
>> > > The verdict in the Nazi nailbomber trial of David Copeland is now
>> expected to be given on Thursday afternoon. The ANL will be demonstrating
>outside the court against Nazi terror - Join us! Please forward this notice
and attend if you can.
>> > > End Nazi terror - Smash the BNP!

This from a former subscriber to this list...


A year ago David Copeland planted three nail-bombs in as many weeks in
Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho. He killed three people, injured scores
more and caused an understandable alarm and distress amongst Londoners,
especially members of the minority groups he targeted. But last April's
bombs were also a cue for left-wing commentators to mount an
exploitative press campaign, whipping up fears that a resurgent far
right was seeking to undermine tolerance and multiculturalism.

Copeland's trial has given the lie to that propaganda. From the outset
it was clear that the nail-bombings were not the work of the vanguard of
the Fourth Reich but of an isolated loser. Copeland was a loner who
scornfully described the much-talked up Combat 18 as 'a bunch of yobs'.
He learned his bomb-making skills not from hardened fascist militants
but from the internet. His explosives came not from a secret Euro-Nazi
network but from over-the-counter fireworks that he took home on his
bicycle. Less black-shirted stormtrooper, more demented anorak, Copeland
told police that his heroes were Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein and an
American serial killer. This bedsit bomber said that he wanted to be
caught so that he could be famous.

The sad old left's fantasies about fascism on the march are shared by
the New Labour Home Office. Since the bombings, the police have carried
out high-profile raids on right-wing activists whose racist opinions are
unacceptable to the new elite. Exploiting fears about 'terrorists' like
Copeland, this government has strengthened the already draconian anti-
terrorist powers enjoyed by the police. The far right has made no
political impact in Britain for many years. The fantasy politics of
anti-fascism, on the other hand, continue to provide a crucial
ideological plank in the platform of our authoritarian ruling party.

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