Germany is against dolarization

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> el 28 Jun 00, a las 10:01, Einde O'Callaghan dijo:
> > I would hope that in a Marxist discussion group people would be
> aware
> > that in capitalist society there are different classes with
> different
> > objective positions and different attitudes to political and
> economic
> > questions.
> >
> >From the introduction it is clear that the opposition to
> > dollarisation
> > comes from the president of the German Bundesbank (Central Bank). I
> > feel that it is an impermissible generalisation to extend the
> > opinion of this representative of the German capitalist class to
> > all the 81 million people living in Germany, which is what the
> > subject line implies.
> >
> > ... This is the typical stance of the tabloid press and is used to
> > prop up bourgeois nationalist ideologies everywhere.
> >
> Thank you very much for your contribution, Cde. O'Callaghan. I would
> recommend you to apply the same parameters in Ireland. For example,
> next time you find a youth scribbling "Brits Out" on a Dublin wall,
> propose him to write "British bourgeois out, I am not referring to
> those English proletarians who support the struggle of the Irish
> proletarians (not the Irish bourgeoisie), though I would support a
> proposition tending to generate a higher class consciousness among
> those British working class comrades who do not still grasp the full
> necessity of international solidarity of the exploited masses of the
> world".
> I am fully convinced that this will be a great step forward in the
> struggle of the world revolution.
This remark completely misses the mark, since if you ask any young Irish
proletarian who he means by Brits he'll make it clear that he isn't
talking about English, Scottish or Welsh proletarians in general but
about British troops in particular, who are you will no doubt admit
representatives of British imperialism. Nobody in Ireland uses the word
"Brits" to refer to all inhabitants of Britain. Indeed most of us have
many relatives who are English, Scottish or Welsh proletarians, so we do
tend to know the difference between a proletarian or a bourgeois,
whether in Ireland or Britain (even if we don't necessarily use this

Indeed in Dublin most of the political wall slogans have nothing much to
do with British imperialism at the moment, since there are enough
problems with our own native Irish bourgeoisie to keep most slogan
painters busy.

> It is a pity Lenin did not listen to your advice. He would probably
> have replaced his clumsy "Peace, Bread, Land" with a more accurate
> "peace against the bourgeoisie, white crisp bread, tillable average
> land in the steppes not atop the Urals"
As a matter of fact I think Lenin's slogan is a brilliant example of a
transitional demand. And indeed "Brits out!" isn't a bad slogan once you
understand what the word Brit means in an Irish context. My comment was
directed against sloppy headlining which equated the head of the German
Bundesbank with Germany as a whole - such sloppy headlining *can* so
often lead to sloppy thinking, not exactly the best recipe for a Marxist

> Thank you again, comrade, and fare you well.
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Regards, Einde O'Callaghan

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