The many faces of the ESMA (was Re: CHILEAN GUARD INCRIMINATES MASS MURDERERS (w/comments))

Kurt Lhotzky kurt.lhotzky at
Thu Jun 29 12:06:26 MDT 2000

Dear Nestor Miguel,

thanks for Your highly interesting posting - I think it´s an execellent
example for using the materialist method of analyzing events! And, by the
way, it stroke a "sentimental" chord, because when I was still very young
(in 1973) I did here in Vienna some solidarity work with Latin Americans
refugees from Chile - among them some Argentinians (I didn´t speak a word
castellano at this time, and I can speak up to now only using "hand and
feet", but I managed to discuss with them and to do much practical work) and
thant it was the first time I heard of the ESMA. So, Your posting filled a
"gap" in my personal "map of knowledge" - thank You!

kind regard from Austria
(where yesterday, for the first time since 1965, the railroad workers went
on strike against the black-blue capitalist government. Just for one hour,
but - that´s better then nothing, isn´t it?)


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