JIANG: strengthened ideological and political work vital

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Zhu is on a European visit. His absence is incidental.
The struggle is very complex.  The danger is the meanings of the terms used will
be distorted.
The key is Hu Jintao who represents the next generation.

Henry C.K. Liu

  SCMP          Friday, June 30, 2000

             Senior cadre winning battle for minds

             WILLY WO-LAP LAM

             Alternate Communist Party Politburo member
             Zeng Qinghong has made further gains as the
             prime mover behind ideological campaigns and
             personnel changes.

             Speaking at a national meeting on ideological
             and political work on Wednesday, President
             Jiang Zemin played up the Campaign on the
             Three Representatives, a reference to the
             party being "representative" of the foremost
             economic, technological and cultural forces of
             the day.

             Mr Zeng, who invented the Three
             Representatives Campaign with Mr Jiang, has
             been instrumental in putting together
             ideological campaigns being waged in
             individual ministries and provinces.

             A party source said yesterday Mr Zeng was
             one of a few senior cadres who ruled that
             2000 would be "the year for ideological and
             political work".

             The source said the Theory of the Three
             Representatives was a development of the late
             patriarch Deng Xiaoping's teaching that party
             and government policies must be beneficial to
             economic growth and to the comprehensive
             strength of the nation. But Jiang aides
             including Mr Zeng have argued that the Three
             Representatives Theory was Mr Jiang's
             original contribution to the Marxist canon.

             The next ideological campaign will be to extol
             Jiang Zemin Theory and to put it on par with
             Mao Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory.

             An Asian diplomat said Mr Zeng, also head of
             the party's Organisation Department, was
             playing a key role in grooming officials for
             promotion at the pivotal 16th party congress in

             The diplomat said Mr Zeng drafted a speech
             that Mr Jiang recently delivered at the Central
             Party School on the imperative of cadre
             rejuvenation. The diplomat said more
             members of this Shanghai Faction, to which
             both Mr Jiang and Mr Zeng belong, would be
             elevated in the coming years.

             In his Wednesday speech, Mr Jiang pointed
             out that ideological work must "undergo
             renovation and improvement" to keep up with
             the times. He also said ideological and political
             work must be custom-made for "different
             individuals and groups, different policies, and
             different times".

             It is understood Mr Zeng has encouraged Mr
             Jiang to at least improve the packaging of
             indoctrination campaigns so that they will not
             be interpreted overseas as a return to Maoist

             Meanwhile, another close Jiang aide who has
             responsibility for ideology and personnel,
             Vice-President Hu Jintao, does not seem to be
             faring well politically. In Wednesday's
             meeting, Mr Jiang hardly mentioned the
             Campaign on the Three Stresses - a reference
             to studying the Marxist canon, righteousness
             and being politically correct - which was the
             brainchild of Mr Hu.

             Mr Hu has also complained to intimates that
             Mr Zeng had "monopolised" the job of picking
             and grooming young cadres. Given his
             background as chief of the Communist Youth
             League in the mid-1980s, Mr Hu had
             traditionally taken charge of grooming the
             party's up-and-coming leaders.

             Party affairs in the coming year are expected
             to be dominated by the imperative of
             consolidating Jiang Theory and personnel
             matters relating to the 16th Congress.

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

> >
> > JIANG: strengthened ideological and political work vital (06/28/2000)
> >
> >                         Chinese President Jiang Zemin wants the ruling
> > Communist Party of China (CPC) to put more emphasis on socialist
> > ideological and political education to ensure that the country's
> > modernization drive is a success.
> *Snip*
> >         Li Peng, Li Ruihuan, Hu Jintao, Wei Jianxing and Li Lanqing,
> > members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC
> > Central Committee, attended the conference, which was presided over by
> > Hu Jintao.
> >
> This part is the best news- if pundits are right, Li Peng is one of the
> "left bloc" with the CC, being one of the most powerful disinterested in the
> reforms involving, among other things, the entry into the WTO, than the
> rest. It is also of very good note that Zhu Rongji (sp?) is not on this
> list. Perhaps the leader of the CPC himself is asking some very important
> questions about the future of socialist China should it deepen and add
> permanency to the "Socialist Market Economy".
> Macdonald

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