Germany is against dolarization

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> This remark completely misses the mark, since if you ask any young
> Irish proletarian who he means by Brits he'll make it clear that he
> isn't talking about English, Scottish or Welsh proletarians in general
> but about British troops in particular, who are you will no doubt
> admit representatives of British imperialism. Nobody in Ireland uses
> the word "Brits" to refer to all inhabitants of Britain. Indeed most
> of us have many relatives who are English, Scottish or Welsh
> proletarians, so we do tend to know the difference between a
> proletarian or a bourgeois, whether in Ireland or Britain (even if we
> don't necessarily use this terminology).

This time without sarcasm, thank you indeed, cde. O'Callaghan. But
tell me, pray, in which sense the fact that I ignore the details of
Irish political slang makes your commentary less superfluous? Have a
look at what follows. To my second, this time accurate, piece of
sarcasm: :

> > It is a pity Lenin did not listen to your advice. He would probably
> > have replaced his clumsy "Peace, Bread, Land" with a more accurate
> > "peace against the bourgeoisie, white crisp bread, tillable average
> > land in the steppes not atop the Urals"

You answer

> >
> As a matter of fact I think Lenin's slogan is a brilliant example of a
> transitional demand. And indeed "Brits out!" isn't a bad slogan once
> you understand what the word Brit means in an Irish context. My
> comment was directed against sloppy headlining which equated the head
> of the German Bundesbank with Germany as a whole - such sloppy
> headlining *can* so often lead to sloppy thinking, not exactly the
> best recipe for a Marxist analysis.

Do you think that in a semicolonial country such as Argentina, where
the true face of European capitalism as a whole (and in this sense,
sorry to tell you, it includes workers who vote Socdem and to not
overthrow their own bourgeoisies but indulge in overconsumption out
of surplus extracted from the whole planet) is sorely recognized as
that of national chauvinism by ruling nations over dominated
countries, it is such a sloppy thinking to headline a mail to a list
where we know we are talking Marxist "Germany" when we are meaning
"the highest ranks of the German bourgeoisie" (gasp)? No, it is not.
It points to the central contradiction in a semicolony.But OK, I
agree with you in that there are people in Germany (German or not)
who do not agree with the president of the Bundesbank. It is a pity,
because against all that you may imagine, this time we can have a
light of hope that we can, interimperialist contradictions mediating,
elbow for a space of struggle against the main imperialist power
here, that is the United States of Amerrika.

Don't be so supercilious, dear Einde, I have a particular inclination
towards the Irish people, particularly towards the Irish workers. I
hate to speak with you in such terms...
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