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Fri Jun 30 03:00:04 MDT 2000

Some of you will have already received an invitation in recet hours, but an
attempt to use the invitation function on Egroups seems to have failed. I
will not "just sub" people, so I cut and paste the intro page here, with a
bit added.

The primary reason for this list is two fold: The need to fuse radical
thoughe about class and environmental issues is at it's height. As well, the
need to come up with practical solutions (in the way of proposed actions for
organising) is greatly neccessay; very few people among the radical left
bother debating the destruction of the environment any longer. So what, what
do we do? Let's get down to that, and begin *that* discussion. It is no
longer "What Is To Be Done" alone, but how do we do it quickly. Debates
about the existence of environmental crises are not useful on this new list.

This list is open to all who wish to fight capitalism and recognise the
environmental crisis we are currently facing. All anti capitalist thinking
is welcome, as is all thoughts within the bounds of the recognition of the
coming environmental catastrophe. Any who may still have doubts to either
the destruction of the livable planet or the viability of alternatives to
capitalism are more than welcome to lurk and read all posts. Primarily based
on discussion of the link between environmental and class issues, we also
welcome posts of a news or informative variety that help us understand the
current situation.

To join, please send a message to:
rad-green-subscribe at

Macdonald Stainsby
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