Germany is against dolarization

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Fri Jun 30 12:17:27 MDT 2000

Nestor G wrote: < The only explanation I can find to the profound conservatism
of the working class in the central countries of the  capitalist world system is
the admission that the Leninist thesis of the "workers aristocracy" was, at
best, reasonable only for the times of Lenin, and that corruption of the working
class had advanced much more than even the most fervent revolutionary of that
moment was in a condition to realize. >   I've always had a bit of a problem
with Lenin's 'labour aristocracy' theory. In Britain, at the time when he was
writing, the First World War, the first shoots of opposition to the war was
amongst the more skilled and better paid workers, mainly those in (what's called
in Britain) engineering (machinists in the USA). If at first they were
protesting about dilution, that is, the recruitment into engineering jobs of
people who had not gone through a proper apprenticeship, it soon started to take
on a more political and anti-war stance. My own experience is that the most
jingoistic elements in the British working class are also those who are less
well organised and often worse off financially than the more politically
conscious ones. Does this apply to other countries?   I agree with Nestor that
Lenin underestimated the degree of jingoism within the working class in Western
Europe. It infected much more than what he saw as the 'labour aristocracy'.  
Paul F

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