Cuba: Struggle for Elián just the first chapter

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[On the same theme as my previous post, responding to the
misinformation being propagated about Elián and his homecoming,
another official Cuban communique. Following is the text of the Cuban
Revolution's most authoritative statement on the end of the Elián saga
and how it fits in the broader fight to end U.S. aggression against
Cuba. This text was published in the online edition of Granma. The
note was issued as Elián, his family and the group the stayed with him
during the past two months were in the air on their way back to Cuba.

[By the way, it is a peculiarity of the Cuban Revolution going back to
its early years that at moments of big crisis or developments,
statements are issued not in the name of some official or body, but in
the name of the Cuba, the revolutionary government, or the revolution
as a whole. These unsigned notes --which most people there believe
have been written by Fidel or with his direct participation-- are
treated and generally viewed as the most authoritative statements of
Cuba's position. --José]


By saving Elián we have saved one
child, but thousands of others face
the risk of similar tragedies

"OUR people and our Revolution always act ethically, never as the
mafia or political schemers do. We always said that the child came
before anything else, and that we would never use him as a political
tool, nor would we convert his return to Cuba into a motive for
conducting mass demonstrations and celebrations, for declaring victory
and humiliating our long-standing adversary, the United States, for 41
years of hostile and aggressive policies which, among many other
painful episodes, led to the creation of the counterrevolutionary
Cuban-American mafia and the shipwreck, kidnapping and tragedy of
Cuban boy Elián González. We are fulfilling our convictions and
keeping our word to the letter," expressed Official Note No. 5, issued
June 28 in Havana.

"We have waged an honorable fight for extraordinarily noble
objectives. Now is not the time for boasting, conceit or ostentation,
characteristics which are irreconcilable with our revolutionary habits
and norms. We have achieved the objective of returning the child to
live in his homeland, with his father, his new mother, his baby
brother Hianny, his paternal and maternal grandparents and other
relatives, after an arduous and unprecedented battle of ideas and of
the masses.

"We have had, as well, the privilege of having the broad support of
the majority of the people of the United States as they came to know
the truth and, after a certain point, the recognition on the part of
the president of the United States that the kidnapping of the boy was
absolutely illegal, dishonorable and damaging to the United States.

"The millions of compatriots who strove to reach this objective will
rejoice in the depths of their hearts, in their homes or together with
a group of close neighbors, without rushing into the streets, carried
away with enthusiasm in expressions of happiness, which would not be
correct or appropriate in this stage of our struggle.

"The world will judge us and support us for our composed, serene and
dignified attitude in these moments of extraordinary and justified

"It is especially important, in addition, to not do anything that can
serve as a weapon for people who, full of hate and frustration,
exploiting prejudices and conditioned reflexes that still exist in the
United States, in the midst of unbridled electoral campaigns, could
attack and criticize those who were on the side of Juan Miguel and

"Our children, students and youth have demonstrated a spirit of
struggle and conscience that fill us with pride. Our people deserve
honor and congratulations for their accomplishments in this harsh and
difficult battle.

"Those who supported us all over the world deserve gratitude as well,
especially the people of the United States.

"No one, however, should forget for a second that the struggle for the
return of Elián safe and sound, which makes us happy at the moment, is
no more than the first chapter of a long struggle that we must
continue to wage.

"By saving Elián, we have saved a marvelous child, but thousands of
other innocent children, older and younger than Elián, equally
vulnerable, run the risk of becoming shipwrecked, dying or suffering
horrible tragedies like Elián has suffered. This can occur tomorrow or
on any of the 365 days of the year. The same misfortune can fall upon
thousands of mothers and other Cuban citizens, victims of deceitful

"Eleven million compatriots suffer the consequences of 40 years of the
cruel and inhuman policy of our powerful neighbor to the North.
Immediately and without a letup, without one minute of rest, the
battle will continue against the murderous Cuban Adjustment Act, the
Torricelli and Helms-Burton Acts, the dozens of amendments in the U.S.
Congress meant to suffocate our country, the blockade, the economic
war, the plans to subvert us, to destabilize and destroy our
Revolution, and for other unquestionably just objectives that we have
sworn to achieve.

"The news received yesterday about the relaxation of the cruel and
criminal blockade, rather than alleviating it may even strengthen it,
since the mafia and the far right set conditions that make trade
impossible and totally annul the fruits of the tenacious efforts of
noble people within and outside of the U.S. Congress, who have the
conviction and awareness of the monstrosity of the blockade or who
defend absolutely legitimate interests.

"For this reason, if the above-mentioned measure were to be approved
by Congress, the blockade and the economic war would remain intact,
and worse: the president would be denied the few prerogatives he still
has, such as lifting the ban on U.S. citizens' constitutional right to
travel to Cuba. The Cuban-American mafia and the extreme right in the
United States are desperately fighting to turn such prohibitions into

"We express our recognition, however, of those who have struggled and
continue to struggle for the cessation of an absurd, and immoral
policy which is treacherous for our people, who have demonstrated
their unyielding spirit and capacity to resist, win or die.

"June 28, 2000

6:10 p.m."

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