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>  New research puts Guatemala civil war massacres at 1,112
>Some 1,112 massacres were committed during Guatemala's 36-year civil war,
>a higher figure than two earlier studies show, according to new research
>by Spanish author Gonzalo Sichar.
>In his book, "Massacres in Guatemala: screams of an entire people,"
>documents 1,112 massacres, 94.06 percent of them committed by the
>government, and 4.14 percent by guerrillas.
>It is not known who perpetrated the remaining 1.8 percent, according to
>the study, which was sponsored by human rights organization the Mutual
>Support Group and launched here late Thursday.
>Although no one knows the exact number of victims of these collective
>killings, estimates place the dead or missing at more than 200,000.
>According to Sichar, 507 massacres were perpetrated during the government
>of Romeo Lucas (1978-1982), and 413 during the regime of General Efrain
>Rios Montt (1982-83).
>Rios Montt is currently Guatemala's president of Congress.
>The first government lasted four years, while Rios Montt held power for
>only 17 months, although repression was much more intense during the
>latter regime.
>Sichar says the war affected mostly indigenous groups, who make up 60
>percent of the country's 11 million population, though he gives no
>figures in support of its claim.
>Less than 50 percent of the sites where massacre victims are buried have
>been identified, according to the book.
>Sichar said he had been led to start the research after "a Guatemalan
>friend" told him he witnessed two massacres that were not previously
>The Catholic church released a study in April 1998 that documented 422
>murders. The report's coordinator, Bishop Juan Gerardi, was brutally
>assassinated by military two days after its publication.
>Research by the United Nation's Commission for Historical Clarification
>(CEH) or "Truth Commission" in February 1999 reported 626 murders by the
>army and 36 by the former guerilla group Guatemalan Revolutionary Unit
>(URNG), now a political party.
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