On Elian & the great news!

Alan Bradley alanb at SPAMelf.brisnet.org.au
Thu Jun 29 00:03:58 MDT 2000

> From: Gary Maclennan
> My heartfelt congratulations to Juan Miguel and his family and to the
> Cuban people. Juan Miguel  entered the heart of the Great Beast and was
> not corrupted nor intimidated and he won a great victory over the fascist
> kidnapping filth. Congratulations also to the Latin American comrades on
> this list, I know this struggle had a special significance for them. And
> a special thanks to Jose -(must stubborn of men!) for keeping us all
> posted.

Damn.  People tend to disapprove of "Me Too" posts, don't they?

I entirely agree with Gary here.  Especially about the special thanks to

And Juan Miguel has proven that there is such a thing as a new socialist
humanity.  I must admit that I was beginning to wonder, based on the gusano
Romanians and Chinese I have met recently.  Well, the Chinese woman wasn't
so bad, but she didn't want to go back home.

Anyway, the victory has made my day.  I've already taken the time out of my
"busy schedule" to drink a toast to it.

It's nice to win one occasionally, isn't it?

Alan Bradley
alanb at elf.brisnet.org.au

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