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Thu Jun 29 00:03:57 MDT 2000

Yesterday's Seattle Times had an article on the delegation of anarchists
from Eugene, Oregon,
who are being blamed for most of the violence. The Eugenians - playing the
always-useful role of
outside agitators - published a manifesto denouncing the unions and NGOs
protesting the WTO
as "part of the glue holding a rotting order together. It's time to create
a new world from the
ashes after the ruined one. Fight back and don't get caught." And they
didn't; almost all the
arrestees were doing nothing violent, while the window-smashers seem to
have skipped town
unhindered. Before leaving, though, the Eugene anarchists amazingly
flattened the tires of eight
police cars and spray-painted them with the circled A that symbolizes
anarchism. Doing that
takes amazing nerve; getting away with it is stunning.

Louis Proyect

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