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Jim Craven wrote:

>>Because of Louis's own modesty and principles, many will never know that
Louis does far more than writing prolifically on varied topics from a very
principled Marxist perspective and moderating this list (and that in itself
is quite a contribution), I can attest that behind the scenes, Louis has
made/is making extremely important contributions for Pikanii People and
Indigenous Peoples in general--contributions that will benefit many in
myriad and ongoing ways. "Louis walks the talk" and I hope that someday his
behind-the-scenes contributions and concrete struggle may be known;
contributions that are anything but "petit-bourgeois" or "narrow

Jim Craven is right:

what's more, Jim Craven is a known agitator too; he is a real Communist
unlike most of the self-promoting Trots who deface this list (who for
obscure reaons mostly seem to claim Irish descent, to the shame of the Irish
if true, but it surely is not, and some even claim to have been Sinn Fein
'freedom fighters', which I do not believe - and I really do have friends in
the IRA).

Mellowed out he may be, by his own definition (I hope wrongly) but Lou P is
a real comrade and assholes like Wool and Pennefather, who would not be
tolerated for 30 minutes on L-I (this is your only mistake, Lou - not to
throw the sods off) should take cognisance of the fact.

Mark Jones

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